"I want to write a novel about silence. The things people don’t say."

Virginia Woolf (via poetrea)

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Something tells me when the camera is on Z portrays her Disney image, like a regular teenager, fun and bubbly but in reality I have a feeling she is much more mature which is probably what Val meant when he said she is playing a role and that she is a grown grown woman, i feel that Val gets to see a side we don’t, like what could they possibly be having millions of conversations about ^_^ so therefore they have to relate on a certain level. I mean like com on Val, Maks and their friends love hanging around Zendaya? she has to give off some type of mature and fun vybe that they like.

Sway Afterparty

Val and Z probably would’ve held hands longer if the Dj didn’t try and change the song lmao but it was still cute though :’) The fact that he grabbed Z to dance to this particular song.